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Clooz 3  
by Ancestral Systems LLC

Welcome to the Clooz 3 Video Download Page

Click on the following links to download the mp4 file (in zipped form).  

If the video does not run on your system, your video display software might not support the mp4 codex.


Recommended viewers:   Windows Media Player (version 12) or VCL


All Available Downloads (last updated, 9 October, 2013):

Introduction to Clooz 25MB
The Clooz Main Window 35MB
The Clooz Search Bar 36MB
Source Documents in Clooz (part 1 - Sources) 47MB
Source Documents in Clooz (part 2 - Documents) 48MB
Working with People 24MB
Working with External Data (Import/Export) N/A
Automatic Updating of Clooz 13MB
Composite View (3.2) 47MB
Document Export to Legacy (3.3) , Full Version 150MB
Document Export to Legacy (3.3) , Part 1 82MB
Document Export to Legacy (3.3) , Part 2 70MB
Media Location Tool (3.3) 57MB

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